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Hello Alejandro,

Remote participation has natural limitations. One of them is time zone
differences. Somewhere people will have to sacrifice their sleeping hours,
or resort to the recorded sessions and transcripts. But this does not make
RP less important, especially in contexts in which on-site attendance is
limited, which is the present case. Webcast and RP are transparency and
openness features that have been advocated by many people in our community
until they were seen as "integral part" of the IG processes. Today it is
natural and expected that they will be available. This is something we
conquered and should value.

I did not quite understand your argument about a centralist/corporatist
thinking. Of course, people would be able to connect individually from home
too, but they would also have the option to organize hubs and start a local
discussion with peers.

Having worked with Ginger for years, I totally second your comments about
her and would be happy to see her on the lead of any RP initiative.


On Tue, Jan 7, 2014 at 4:36 PM, Alejandro Pisanty <apisanty at gmail.com>wrote:

> Marilia,
> hubs are nice but experience has proven that they only work in specific
> circumstances, one of which depends on timezones. Remember the "pajama
> parties" when the timezone difference was around 8 hours to North America.
> There has to be a natural scaling factor. Otherwise depending on hubs is
> one more manifestation of centralistic/corporatist thinking.
> Ginger Paque has a much better perspective on remote participation than
> most people I know and if a working group is formed for this purpose she
> would be the first person I'd recommend to form part of it and lead it.
> Yours,
> Alejandro Pisanty
> On Tue, Jan 7, 2014 at 10:34 AM, Marilia Maciel <mariliamaciel at gmail.com>wrote:
>> The meeting should definitely have webcast, given the fact that on site
>> participation will be limited. It should not be forgotten that the IGF 2007
>> in Brazil triggered a push for remote participation. Some ideas ventilated
>> in Rio on that occasion served as inspiration to the development of remote
>> participation in the IGF, which ultimately led to the organization of IGF
>> hubs, a successful model of engagement. RP was considered an integral part
>> of the IGF and is extensively used in other organizations, such as ICANN
>> and ITU. The conference in Brazil should live up to those experiences.
>> Practically, technical expertise from ICANN could be coupled with the IGF
>> model of RP, based on hubs. People gathered in the hubs could follow the
>> webcast from Rio and also discuss the topics on the agenda from their own
>> perspective. Discussions carried out in the hubs could be summarized and
>> documented, gathered after the conference, and should be part of the
>> documental history of the event. These documents could provide us all with
>> additional ideas on how to move discussions forward after Rio.
>> Ginger Paque, from Diplo, has sent a message to some folks offering the
>> LOG assistance with that. Diplo has extensive experience with RP and could
>> definitely help to find a model of integrating RP while also taking into
>> consideration that the meeting should have a manageable size. I also
>> volunteer to help, as a former member of the IGF Remote Participation
>> Working Group. I am sure others would be interested to make it happen as
>> well.
>> Best
>> Marília
>> On Tue, Jan 7, 2014 at 11:37 AM, Roland Perry <
>> roland at internetpolicyagency.com> wrote:
>>> In message <CAH5D2GHdvZVg66HBBS5eLtWi7+0-+JgaWJSgpSZ3ok2+3eT-pA at mail.
>>> gmail.com>, at 11:12:35 on Thu, 2 Jan 2014, Jerry Blimo <
>>> jerryblimo at gmail.com> writes
>>>> Can anyone clearly and concisely state who is going to be at the
>>>> meeting in Brazil? Not just who the 20-odd people making the decisions will
>>>> be, but who else can go and participate/observe
>>> No-one seems to have replied, so perhaps I can make an intervention
>>> along the lines of: "it's a long way to go to find the meeting room is too
>>> small to accommodate observers, but webcasting the entire thing is such an
>>> obvious thing to do, I'd be surprised if the organisers have overlooked it".
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>>> Roland Perry
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