[discuss] Transiting e-mails

Jorge Amodio jmamodio at gmail.com
Wed Jan 8 00:50:05 UTC 2014

> This is why the question is: will the balkanization of the internet result from the IAB governance?


> If people do not trust the internet anymore it is because they trust the NSA, as being fully able to make it insecure.

Who said people don't trust the Internet, I've not seen any statistics of usage reduction.

> Why is the NSA able to do it so easily?

The have very smart and productive people with plenty of funding and a powerful government mandate.

> Whose fault? The internet is broken, who can fix it? What is the cost? If the fault is with the IAB governance, can we trust the IAB governance to fix it?

Who said it is broken. If you see it that way you should stop using it.

> I do not know what Sao Paulo will really be about. Someone asked today: will Sao Paulo find plumbers for the Internet, outside of the Watergate ones? I think this is the whole question everyone has.

São Paulo will be a parade of statements and a proxy war among states and sectors that have been trying to gain relevance on these issues for long time.

> I am sorry to be tought and thought provoking. But we need constructive answers, now: because alternative R&D and transition call for time.. We (the world) need to know if there is some able skippers in the cockpit, or if they just do not have the answers because it is too complicate.

Sometimes the problem is not the answers but the questions with accompanying statements that do not make much sense and are ill informed.


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