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> Andrew thanks for taking the time and patience to put together this great summary.
> I will just add that as "why" is important the other question that we have been asking repeated times for which I've only seen lengthy statements, some of them full of non-sense, and that still remains is "what problems require fixing?"

Maybe this indicates that you are asking the wrong question.  It's a bit like the citizens of a dictatorship calling for elections, and the dictator responding, "What problems require fixing?  You have food to eat, don't you?  You have clothes on your back?"

This isn't to say that there are no concrete problems that require fixing (and the lack of effective mechanisms of accountability for pervasive state surveillance is one of them - also note that this is not a problem with only a technical solution).  But if that were the only problem, and if we fix it, is our job done?  Of course not.  Next year we'll have a new set of problems.

More important, and the purpose of the Brazil meeting, is to fix the underlying structural flaw in the Internet governance regime, that there are no globally shared principles for dealing with discrete international Internet-related public policy issues as they come up, nor a framework for applying those principles through appropriate (public and/or private) governance mechanisms.

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