[discuss] My current understanding of scope and why

Jorge Amodio jmamodio at gmail.com
Wed Jan 8 08:59:53 UTC 2014

> Just because surveillance issues are several layers above the Internet, to paraphrase you, doesn't mean that governments won't choose policy options related to the Internet to deal with surveillance that are harmful (for all kinds of reasons, including in some countries a desire to control content to protect their regimes).

I agree with you, governments will chose whatever means are at their disposal and under their powers to execute their policies, regardless of the Internet.

> Therefore, the Internet community has to reachout to them to explain why the Internet is not the problem and what they can do to solve the actual problems. Who else has the knowledge about the Internet to intervene and be credible?

I'm not against reaching out and intervening on behalf of the "Internet community" but as I said to Jeremy unless we develop enough clout and lobbying power I don't think we will move a needle in the US Congress in regards to the NSA actions that seems to be one of the biggest issues mentioned constantly in these discussions.

I think tomorrow will be an interesting day to see what comes out of President Obama's meeting with lawmakers and intelligence officials. But I'm almost sure that whatever changes he announces later this month they will not make some people happy like the retention of call records by telecoms or private consortium.

What I've been trying to state for some time, that Snowdenia hysteria and pervasive surveillance can not be the central and more demanding issue of these open discussions.


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