[discuss] Subjects IG other than ICANN, IETF, IPv4-6

Jorge Amodio jmamodio at gmail.com
Wed Jan 8 09:26:14 UTC 2014

> If you believe that they weren’t bought, I think you are deceiving yourself. Whether people believe she meant the words in their plain meaning or was simply taking advantage of the situation for other reasons, the importance she assigned to them is real, and continues to be so, and the impact was non-trivial and continues to be so.

Ohh I may be totally wrong and for sure any President that speaks at the UN will give a lot of importance at what she/he says, as late President Chavez said he was smelling sulfur after President Bush's speech couple of years ago.

> I live in the city where better than 80% probably of the multilateral meetings related to the Internet take place and I see the impact of this daily. Whether you believe it is correct or not, the Snowden revelations are having a profound effect on many areas of policy, not all connected to the Internet, but the responses being entertained are almost all harmful to the Internet whether intentional or not.

I bet that on many international circles everybody is freaking out about the snooping capabilities and spread of the Amerikans, and so far the revelations show capabilities of several years ago !! Can you imagine what the evil doers can do today ?


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