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Raul Echeberria raul at lacnic.net
Wed Jan 8 11:49:33 UTC 2014

Hi Adiel

Thank you very much for keeping us informed. 
You are doing a great job while we don't have yet the formal steering committee in place. Thank you also for that. 

It seems that the committees for the meeting in Brazil will be formed very soon and so everything will be more clear. The steps that have been taken so far are very helpful in order to provide some basis for the work. 



El 06/01/2014, a las 17:03, Adiel Akplogan escribió:

> Hello all,
> I have been invited (for /1Net) to attend a status update meeting between the representatives of the Brazil meeting's LOG and ICANN last Friday. Here are some key points discussed during the meeting:
> - Hosting of the meeting: the government of Brazil is leading this aspect and is in bilateral discussion with few other countries so for the event to be hosted not only by Brazil but jointly with these countries. More update on this is normally expected this week or next.
> - Chairing of the meeting: It was discussed and agreed that the multistakeholder aspect of the meeting should be properly reflected in it chairmanship as well. So it wont be only ICANN and Brazil who will chair but at least two other people will be proposed to join as co-chair of the meeting.
> - Stakeholder groups: The issue of confusion in the the grouping of stakeholders has been discussed and it is expected that a clarification on this comes from the LOG. But the suggestion is to keep the break down as originally announced (4 groups: CS, Business, Technical and Academia) so not to induce further delay in the nominations.
> - Because time is against us, the LOG has expressed its hope to have all the committees launched on January 10th. Which will have a direct implication of not having all stakeholders' representatives appointed by then. It was suggested to go with what is ready by the 10th, and start some preliminaries discussions while the rest join by mid January. 
> - The LOG has clearly expressed their preference to have /1net as their only interface for dealing with the rest of the community in general. Obviously to avoid having to deal directly with each and everyone separately.
> - A meeting is planned in Brazil on the 10th to kick-off the committees and 
> begin addressing key organizing issues in order to provide some further specific information related to the whole planning. Arrangement is being made to have remote participation to that meeting for already appointed committee members who will not be able to travel to in Sao Paulo.  
> That is all I have for now.
> Thanks.
> - a.
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