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Wed Jan 8 17:28:33 UTC 2014

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>We?re a large ICANN accredited registrar and would like to be present 
>at the meeting in person.
>The answer I get from the LOC is that we must be invited by one of the 
>Communities - Business, Technical, Academic or Civil Society. How do we 
>join one of these 1net communities

You are a member of whichever community fits you best, as a matter of 
fact based on who you are, not because you have either 'decided to 
join', or have been 'accepted' as a 'member'.

>and how do we get invited?

Each of the communities have either completed, or near to have 
completed, their selection process for a very small number of 
appointees, based most often on their record of participation in the 
Internet Governance landscape for many years.

It's therefore too late for this meeting (on several levels), and until 
that meeting has finished [or even later, perhaps] we won't know how 
many people will required to be selected in future, or when.

In the short term I suggest you add your voice to those who hope the 
proceedings will be available for remote-participating observers.
Roland Perry

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