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On Jan 9, 2014, at 4:46 AM, Jorge Amodio <jmamodio at gmail.com<mailto:jmamodio at gmail.com>> wrote:

For additional clarification just in case, this was Fadi's answer during the Buenos Aires ICANN's meeting when asked the explicit question:

"The only activity that the 1net group that met in Bali agreed to work
with is the Brazil conference. So they're the ones working with the
Brazilian CGI and the Brazilian government to figure out how we can be
helpful moving forward. I hope this is helpful. But that's basically it."

Given that "1net" didn't meaningfully exist at that point, there's no way for it to
have agreed to anything.  You can't have a community initiative and then provide
it direction; you can suggest things but in the end, the community will decide to
what to work on.  I noted this fact again on 28 December -
 "At this point, until there is a seated 1net coordinating committee, I know of
 no mechanism for "1net" to even respond to the meeting organizers about
 its role "

Even now, the role that "1net" decides to take with respect to the Brazil meeting
remains in the hands of the 1net coordinating committee, not with Fadi, myself,
or any of the other I* leaders.

I can point to the precise transcript if needed.

No need for that, as I was present at the meeting in question.


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