[discuss] [governance] [bestbits] Fwd: Heads up on Brazil meeting preparation

JFC Morfin jefsey at jefsey.com
Thu Jan 9 14:22:03 UTC 2014

thank you for now being an "epiphenomena"! :-) However, I understand 
what you mean.

FYI, I plan to hold a BarCamp on the "missing layer open industry" 
during the RMLL (Rencontres Mondiales des Logiciels Libres) this 
July. We will by then have seen the results of the Sao Paulo 
discussion between OECD and BRICS/77. You will be welcome (as 
everyone who could not attend Sao Paulo). IMHO the real issue will be 
quite the same in both cases: by proxy or not, among concerted 
operatives (network, voluntaries and militaries) rather than 
competing interests (merchants, admins and politics).

The topic is the economic national and global vulnerability to 
digital threads (crime and activisits) and R&D leaps that could 
create deterrence capacities. The Sao Paulo meeting will be between 
ISOC and BRICS; the France BarCamp will probably be between Free 
Research and Open Use.

This is why I prefer refering:
* to the "presentation layer": every expert and professionnal 
perfectly identifies a determinant lack of the current use of the 
IETF technology and a key issue for EDI/RFID naming, security and industry.
* rather than to "intellition" that is an entire R&D industrial 
sector in semiotics developments, for Google, DARPA, etc. Because 
this definitly is out of the IETF end to end reach.

I will let you more about the BarCamp in the coming days. I never 
organized this kind of meeting. Very exciting. If some want to join 
in the /1NET "BarCamp committee"?

On 10:52 09/01/2014, Michel Gauthier said:
>- "ISOC is a non-profit organization founded in 1992 to provide 
>*leadership* in Internet-related standards, education, and policy. 
>It is dedicated to ensuring the open development, evolution and use 
>of the Internet for the benefit of people throughout the world."
>- WCIT has shown that the disagreement is between the notions of 
>"leadership" (ISOC lead) and "MS-ship" (people centered). Sao Paulo 
>should help clarfying it as a societal and global evolution of which 
>the framework is to be defined.
>However, the ISOC leadership and BRICS have focussed on the internet 
>only forgetting the "layer six" issues. As long as they were only 
>perceived as JEDI's ("Jefsey Morfin Disciple's" according to Martin 
>Dürst) "idée fixe", its was an epiphenomena. Now DARPA/CGC is a 
>response to IAB's RFC 3869 that confirms the complexity of the 
>"missing layer" file. Because the software development capacity of 
>Russia, China, India, Brazil at least equals the US and Europe one.

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