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>DCMS Is Department of Culture, Media and Sport and Internet Policy was
>transferred to it from BIS (Business, Innovation and Skills) during the
>issues with News International in  2011; nothing to do with

The only "issues" I'm aware of are [alleged] phone hacking. What else 
might have caused this move, if not to consolidate all of OFCOM's 
broadcasting and Internet responsibility under one roof?

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>>>DoT is clearly the Department of Transportation
>>Here in the UK we call them the Department for Transport.
>>Transportation is the deprecated process of sending criminals to
>>Trade (and commerce) was dealt with by the Department of Trade and
>>Industry, now renamed Department for Business, Innovation and Skills;
>>unless it's anything to do with the Internet when it's the Department
>>for Media, Culture and Sport (on account of the interweb being a bit
>>like a TV channel, I suppose).
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