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Might it be possible to create a different discussion thread for issues of what ICANN/I* is or isn't or what motivations and intrigue may be afoot?  "Heads up Brazil meeting preparation" is a bit deceptive as to content.


I used to think I was cynical, but after these posts I think I may be innocent or naïve J


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You are writing your own fiction here David... Beckstrom and 1net is a fruit of your imagination. The point is about Beckstrom, ICANN and the WEF. Very theatrical! 


As an observer to the current situation, I was very interested to see and listen to Beckstrom as he was participating with other I* vets, in a panel during a recent WEF meeting in Abu Dhabi. A meeting to prepare the next Davos summit -remember the communication plan of ICANN? There he advocated, as a good little soldier, that the I* had the perfect understanding of governance under a multistakeholder model, linking it to the WEF which he described as the cutting edge of multistakeholder governance - and call the audience to save the world by saving the MS model, brought as the Holy Grail to the planet by the I stars and stripes. He made various statements, all of that putting a bit additional fluff to what is going on right now. This brings the ICANN dramaturgy and current campaign to new level of narcissism. Nothing more nothing less.


What is happening right now is that we are slowly uncovering the way things are happening for IG, and the way the MS model allows people to fool other people, whoever each of them are. We do not govern, we coordinate. We do not have strategic thoughts, we give direction and let it be. We are the invisible hand (very well paid) that is truly protecting Internauts, as long as they pay gently for their access to the Net....


Beckstrom says what he wants but it cannot be that he attended a WEF preparatory meeting without Fadi's 'go' on that, and, most importantly, having the WEF with a clear perspective of a big incoming check in their pocket at the end of January 2014. Sorry guys, Swiss fares! (how much will ICANN spend to be seen in Davos under the umbrella of the cutting edge of MS governance? Nothing to worry when one checks the 2014 ICANN budget. It's all there).


Was it necessary for ICANN and its internationalization dressing to go to bed with the most out-dated global room service for leaders (in Davos), the most expensive concierge of global fluff consultancy. The WEF is so multistakeholder that these doing-all-we-can-for-a-better-world people are accepting tons of $ from the Russian and the Chinese with no hesitation (remember the villains in the Internet power grab fiction, the enemies of the Holy and Unified Internet). I work a few miles away from the WEF (left bank is UN and NGOs, right bank is WEF, bankers and lawyers here in Geneva) and if the WEF is the cutting edge of MS governance, then, apart from me being the Pope, this model won't survive very long. This is a big joke. Me in Pope I mean.


So maybe 1net dreams of convening some béni-oui-oui, paying them largely enough for them to endorse whatever thoughts will come out of that mascarade but I hope that all the honest brokers of the IG debate will resist the temptation of the $ and leave that empty MS body. Smoke over fluff over smoke...


And today we have had an incredible testimony from Seun Ojedeji:

...Now this seems complicated, I had thought the 1Net committee referred to by Hartmut are the nominated 1Net steering/coordinating committee. Adiel's comment above is looking like there are other group of people called 1Net committee aside those nominated. It will be interesting to know that the role of all the nominated 1Net committee members in Brazil event is just to observe (considering amount of data burnt towards committee nomination :) )

And now you want everyone to feel cool relax, and enjoying the ride? Sure, let's go to Vegas, if you do not like Davos. Who's paying for my ticket?


Again, this is all very gross.




about bashing


PS 1

Do you say that the NSA affair is no big deal. Who was behind it? The EU? India? Bantu? Nepal? It is very sad that once again the US is taken by the patrol. Again, and again. And you feel like this is not hurting everyone, including the US? And  you are surprised of the reactions coming with that affair. Even the I* understood that the situation had deteriorated to an un seen level of distrust. So, they had that to launch their Montevideo reaction and game. With grosse ficelle again. I don't know which consulting firm had this idea of the 1net, but I think it is not worth the money ICANN spent on it.


PS 2

The 'I must be on some committee...' Think about the asymmetric side of the story. Think about the resistance to change that we all see. Think about the way Cerf and the old guard launched an anti-UN campaign. Incredible!! Remember that the League of Nations was originated by a US president, never signed by his own congress; remember that for the second attempt, the UN was launched in San Francisco in 1945. What a sad thing to see that the asymmetric role of the US is largely emerging from that fascinating city. Why don't you accept the fact that the failure of the IGF is due largely to a bunch of people (pro-status quo priests) selling to the world their story of an ungovernable space, and all that crap... You have no eyes? And you do not want to see?





Le 9 janv. 2014 à 21:03, David Conrad a écrit :

My impression is that if Rod Beckstrom is portrayed as playing a significant role in the development of 1net, then what you are writing could be categorized under "story, fictional" (no criticism of Rod intended, just that he's been out of the picture for some time now).


I'm sorry, but can someone remind me of the purpose of this list?  It seems to have devolved into either a "bash everything even indirectly related to the US because the NSA spies" or a "I must be on some committee because I'm important" noise generator. While some of the conspiracy theories can be entertaining (in the Poe's Law sense) I'm having trouble seeing any particular value in either of these themes. Aren't there more important issues to discuss?





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You take out of my thoughts. Beckstrom is a great character in our story. Did you listen to him speaking at the preparatory meeting of the upcoming WEF this January in Davos? 100% fat.  He is part of my next paper. A great shot.


Le 9 janv. 2014 à 16:51, JFC Morfin a écrit :

At 16:04 09/01/2014, Jorge Amodio wrote:

So somebody is calling the shots right ?


may be are you forgetting who came from where through the National Cyber Security Center to direct ICANN during the three years of the OpenStand boostrap, preparation and signature period (HYPERLINK "http://www.beckstrom.com/"http://www.beckstrom.com). "Leaderless organizations are changing the world": in his book he explained he has experience and expertise in leading and fighting them. We most probably see this expertise and this experience partly in action. It would be surprising he had no say in the choice of his successor.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rod_Beckstrom explains why he disliked the NSA. Cybersurveillance is fun, but the need is for serious cyberdefense for all, i.e. the Sao Paulo's focus by a President who was no upset by the surveillance but by the penetration.  "People are creating new ways to break into your network every day". This is what MUST to be stopped. Amaterism is over. Paid or volunteers *professionnals* must take over.



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