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Jean-Christophe - 

Samsung Electronics is very likely to have paid for his travel and participation, given 
his registration for the event and his being credited with speaking under such title.

References: http://www.weforum.org/global-agenda-councils/rod-beckstrom

<http://www.weforum.org/news/inequality-instability-and-weak-global-governance-lead-pessimism-leaders-warn> - 
"Ensuring the future of the Internet and its open environment is another global priority that requires a cooperative approach, Rod A. Beckstrom, Chief Security Adviser at Samsung Electronics, USA, told participants."

Do not let the lack of this factual basis distract you from your otherwise amusing 
theories connecting ICANN to yet another conspiracy.


Disclaimer - My views alone.

On Jan 9, 2014, at 2:22 PM, Jean-Christophe NOTHIAS I The Global Journal <jc.nothias at theglobaljournal.net> wrote:

> You are writing your own fiction here David... Beckstrom and 1net is a fruit of your imagination. The point is about Beckstrom, ICANN and the WEF. Very theatrical! 
> As an observer to the current situation, I was very interested to see and listen to Beckstrom as he was participating with other I* vets, in a panel during a recent WEF meeting in Abu Dhabi.
> A meeting to prepare the next Davos summit -remember the communication plan of ICANN? There he advocated, as a good little soldier, that the I* had the perfect understanding of governance under a multistakeholder model, linking it to the WEF which he described as the cutting edge of multistakeholder governance - and call the audience to save the world by saving the MS model, brought as the Holy Grail to the planet by the I stars and stripes. He made various statements, all of that putting a bit additional fluff to what is going on right now. This brings the ICANN dramaturgy and current campaign to new level of narcissism. Nothing more nothing less.
> What is happening right now is that we are slowly uncovering the way things are happening for IG, and the way the MS model allows people to fool other people, whoever each of them are. We do not govern, we coordinate. We do not have strategic thoughts, we give direction and let it be. We are the invisible hand (very well paid) that is truly protecting Internauts, as long as they pay gently for their access to the Net....
> Beckstrom says what he wants but it cannot be that he attended a WEF preparatory meeting without Fadi's 'go' on that, and, most importantly, having the WEF with a clear perspective of a big incoming check in their pocket at the end of January 2014. Sorry guys, Swiss fares! (how much will ICANN spend to be seen in Davos under the umbrella of the cutting edge of MS governance? Nothing to worry when one checks the 2014 ICANN budget. It's all there).

> Was it necessary for ICANN and its internationalization dressing to go to bed with the most out-dated global room service for leaders (in Davos), the most expensive concierge of global fluff consultancy. The WEF is so multistakeholder that these doing-all-we-can-for-a-better-world people are accepting tons of $ from the Russian and the Chinese with no hesitation (remember the villains in the Internet power grab fiction, the enemies of the Holy and Unified Internet). I work a few miles away from the WEF (left bank is UN and NGOs, right bank is WEF, bankers and lawyers here in Geneva) and if the WEF is the cutting edge of MS governance, then, apart from me being the Pope, this model won't survive very long. This is a big joke. Me in Pope I mean.
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