[discuss] Constructive responses to surveillance at the intl level (WAS Re: ICANN policy and "Internet Governance")

JFC Morfin jefsey at jefsey.com
Fri Jan 10 16:36:13 UTC 2014

At 12:32 10/01/2014, Dr. Ben Fuller wrote:
>It is important to understand that many issues with global 
>implications are solved in steps. Necessary and Proportionate 
>Principles are a good place to start the discussion because this 
>sets widely accepted standards. Then the work has to flow to places 
>where people pass laws and provide budgets for specific activities.


you are an anthropologis if I am right. The man has not changed, but 
the human society is changing as it extends to bots. Therefore the 
society we consider is anthropobotic. This raises an new complexity 
between norms (what is normal, i.e. common average), standards (how 
we/they want us to use it) and best practices (how we actually do the 
things). The network has permitted the development of societal 
engineering, i.e. world lobbying/brain washing at the end-decision 
taker and voter.

This is one of the things that affects the understanding of 
sovereignty, today due to the people and press general limited 
awareness and literacy in that area. The NSA has (willingly or 
unwillingly) taught a lot to people through Snowden. But this has so 
far only discussed surveillance not influence.

>Rather, this will be when the work begins -- in implementation. And 
>this is where you need people and organisations in place around the 
>world to engage within their own communities.

The work is to find developpers that will develop the code, that you 
might test and promote, that people would use and get used to, that 
voters might discuss etc. It takes years.

While if you get an RFC, it influences billions of devices and 
hundred of millions of people internet experience (and life) may be 
changed. This is why the political governance must result in 
standards through specifications writen by CS technical experts. This 
means that the certer of everything is the technical/political 
governance of the internet because "code is law".

This is not easy. RFC 6852 has identified that standards had to be 
market economy oriented. This means that the CS has to become a 
market. This is why HR organizations are far less efficient (but 
demanding far less work) than consumer organizations and purchazing centers.


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