[discuss] ICANN policy and "Internet Governance"

JFC Morfin jefsey at jefsey.com
Fri Jan 10 17:45:25 UTC 2014

At 05:39 10/01/2014, Chris Disspain wrote:
> > Navigating the multi-stakeholder morass: The past, present and 
> future of Internet governance by Chris Disspain & Paul Szyndler
> > 
> <http://telsoc.org/journal/2013-06/navigating_multi-stakeholder_morass_past_present_future_internet_governance>

I keep this paper to savour it later as it gives an Australian vision 
of an ICANN governance Australians have so much influenced. I just 
note this sentence and idea of yours which are interesting and seem 
to be worth a question each:

1. "Moreover, the ITU and UN had displayed typical bureaucratic 
inertia in transforming an idea to action – the five years between 
1998 and 2003. Could this administrative trait adapt to the 
rapidly-changing, technology- and user-centric nature of the 
infobahn? Could governments act, multi-laterally, with the agility 
required to govern this new frontier?"

You have noted that I have changed "internet" in "infobahn". If the 
Florida Governor had been a Democrat the buzz today might be about 
the Infobahn Governance. My interest is here in governance 
engineering and how governance is applied to the system being 
steered.  I am trying to figure out why the Road Governance debate 
interests so few people arount the world and the Internet debate much 
more. The same for car plates, vs. domain names.

My feeling is that it is because
* cars have, but have a much lesser, capability to influence our 
minds. And that discussing cars and roads gives a much lesser feeling 
of flirting with power?
* the internet justifies meetings all over the world.

2. You also say somewhere that the academic community has provided a 
big technical contribution. I would be interested to know if you have 
somewhere a reference for that. I look for the possible logical bugs 
in the internet logic (every logic has a bug density we want to 
reduce in reviewing past choices/implementations). Bugs can only be 
in the contributions in actual use. So I look for a study documenting 
who actually has provided something being used by the internet 
technology we use today.

Thank you!

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