[discuss] [governance] RE: [bestbits] Fwd: Heads up on Brazil meeting preparation

Michel Gauthier mg at telepresse.com
Sat Jan 11 00:43:29 UTC 2014

At 23:24 10/01/2014, Milton L Mueller wrote:
>Some of us do find your neo-DeGaullist Americo-phobic expressions 
>quite entertaining, even riotously comical at times, but we read the 
>list for other purposes.

I would be interested in knowing who are those "us" (lower cases) - see below.

I am afraid many share your boredom (look at the traffic decrease on 
this list), due to the lack of practical proposition of "yours" (US 
leading citizen) to achieve what you say you want. The USG has a 
policy. You have elected it, but you do not help them . There are 
bets at London bookmakers: will they get rid of ICANN or Guantanamo first?

Frankly, when the majority of the countries in the world opposes the 
internet US status-quo, I feel they share the concerns of the 
smartest US citizens; I feel they partly share the 
cybermilitary/cyberpolice concerns of the NSA/USCC; I feel they could 
even legally make the US industry behave ethically; I feel everyone 
is blocked by the US technical and academic community dumb stubborn 
assessment of the world reality.

Unfortunately, I am afraid (my evaluation) that a revolution has to 
occur to free all of us from the technical/political inadequation of 
the US T&A community. It has to be by smart-US and non-US FLOSS from 
BRICS and OECD dissenters. This reminds me Bertrand de la Chapelle, 
as a French Ambassador, explaining that France felt concerned by all 
the people who were not yet on the Internet. Paul Twomey, as an ICANN 
President, probably thought it was a "neo-Gaullist" posture and 
brillantly answered that he was concerned by the people paying him.

There are obvsiously two visions:

- an economy centered unique (/1net) global control of the network. 
It is based on a slow moving status-quo wishing to protect the 
American way of life, and business short-time revenues. It indirectly 
lead the US to decadence or to a global war by increasingly 
consensual distrust. This is absurd, but this is your technical and 
academic citizens choice.

- a humanist people centered operational, technical and political 
open governance based on imaginative innovation toward the millenium 
objectives and a (probably US led) world evelopment restart.

As a leading US academic activist of competence and influence the 
choice is partly yours.


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