[discuss] cgi.br release regarding Brazil Global MSM on InternetGovernance

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Sat Jan 11 13:32:07 UTC 2014

On 11-Jan-14 00:53, Alejandro Pisanty wrote:
> wouldn't there be a larger concern for the fact that the main committee
> is 50-50 governments vs. the world

This has always been one of the issues that bothered me most.

While the Tunis Agenda talked about 3 stakeholder groups, the 
implementations have always ignored that and persisted in the 
traditional Government vs. everyone else model.

Governments seem to, by definition always have at least half the seats. 
  That is, in the venues where the rest of us are allowed to have any 
seats at all.

So while governments insist in the sanctity and the immutability of the 
Tunis Agenda, they ignore it at every turn.  The only thing they ever 
refer to is the their definition of stakeholder groups which makes 
Governments the superior stakeholder group.  And they try to claim that 
this definition came from us.

 > (in which they can still have allies)

A good many allies who do all they can to make it difficult for the rest 
of us to organize effectively.


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