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Hi Hartmut

>   http://brmeeting.br

Thanks for the helpful announcement.  Sorry but since there’s been a lot of sturm und drang over this in multiple spaces it would be good to be crystal clear so the 1net steering committee and other actors can figure out how to proceed over the next week and two.

> The High-Level Multistakeholder Committee, chaired by the Brazilian Minister of Communications Mr. Paulo Bernardo Silva, will be responsible for overseeing the overall strategy of the meeting and fostering the involvement of the international community. It will be composed of: Ministerial-level representation from twelve governments; twelve members of the multistakeholder community (3 from civil society, 3 from the private sector, 3 from academia and 3 from the technical community) to be proposed through /1net; and two representatives from International Organizations to be appointed by the Secretary General of the United Nations.  The names of the members of this committee will be announced on Monday, January 27th 2014.
So for the HLC, business, technical, CS and academia should each submit 3 names via the 1net SC no later than two weeks from now.  Prior LOG communications specified that you are looking for “Senior Executive Level” people, or the stakeholder equivalent, who will on a work peer-to-peer basis with ministers; I assume that is still the case?

> The Executive Multistakeholder Committee, co-chaired by Demi Getschko and one more person to be proposed through /1net, will be responsible for the meeting agenda, the design of the meeting format and invitation of attendees, all equally balanced across the global multistakeholder community. It will be composed of the following eight Brazilian members through CGI: Maximiliano Martinhão and Benedicto Fonseca from government, Carlos Afonso and Percival Henriques from civil society, Cassio Vecchiatti and Henrique Faulhaber from the private sector, Flávio Wagner and Demi Getschko from academia and the technical community. Eight additional members from the global multistakeholder community will be proposed through /1net by Friday, January 17th 2014. The United Nations was invited to appoint one member from an International organization.
So for the EMC, business, technical, CS and academia should each submit 2 names via the 1net SC no later than next Friday.

If you could please confirm, that should help focus some discussions and promote forward movement.



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