[discuss] cgi.br release regarding Brazil Global MSM onInternetGovernance

Hartmut Richard Glaser glaser at cgi.br
Sat Jan 11 16:33:24 UTC 2014

Correct ...!

On 11/01/14 05:23, Roland Perry wrote:
> In message <579355A6265F499D9265C4460AB62EEE at Toshiba>, at 16:40:24 on 
> Sat, 11 Jan 2014, Ian Peter <ian.peter at ianpeter.com> writes
>> " Eight additional members from the global multistakeholder community 
>> will be proposed through /1net by Friday, January 17th 2014."
> This clears up one aspect that seemed to be in some doubt - whether or 
> not these (and the HLC) nominations have to be submitted through /1net 
> or not; and sets a deadline for all the stakeholder groups to work to.

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