[discuss] "We have 18 months to find new governance for a single Internet, says ICANN"

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Sat Jan 11 18:03:33 UTC 2014

At 18:00 11/01/2014, William Drake wrote:

This reminds me De Gaulle's slogan: "me or chaos" :-) !

The internet IS global. From its inception.
What we need is it to becomes multi-global.

"Globality" seems to be a new American language concept (that Fadi 
actually probably rightly fears as it seems from Wikipedia to imply a 
global war, every "fragment" against everyone). So, I fully 
understand that "multiglobality" does not make much sense for an 
American language speaker.

However, since some American scientists are venturing in 
"multiverses", may be virtual multiglobality may be visualized by 
some who will know how to explain their fellow citizens why it is not 
possible to address the digital world complexity with a single ICANN.

Too bad bytes do not obey politicians, sales and ICANN blahblah!

Anyway, listening to Fadi, I understand that the real decision maker, 
after Rod, is Edward.
I suppose that some will agree that this at least is to be fixed.


PS. For ICANN information: http://oasis.net is for sales.

>This might drop some jaws and cause related bodily responses, for 
>varying reasons. :-)
>It does help to begin clarifying what the LOG has said would be the 
>the substantive agenda of the meeting:
>• Internet governance principles;
>• Roadmap for the further evolution of the Internet governance ecosystem.
>So hopefully we can soon transition from debating with trolls and 
>fighting over seats at the table to engaging in a bit of 
>crowdsourced cartography.
>BTW, NCUC will be organizing a multistakeholder conference (with 
>remote participation) on Friday 21 March in Singapore to discuss 
>these agenda items and related initiatives.
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