[discuss] "We have 18 months to find new governance for a single Internet, says ICANN"

JFC Morfin jefsey at jefsey.com
Sun Jan 12 03:05:31 UTC 2014

At 02:44 12/01/2014, Jorge Amodio wrote:
>On Jan 11, 2014, at 11:00 AM, William Drake 
><<mailto:wjdrake at gmail.com>wjdrake at gmail.com> wrote:
>Ohh dear, what an incredible pile of garbage, no we find that IANA 
>is under contract with the US Congress.
>No wonder why so many people are extremely confused, between people 
>like this and the delusional ones that pretend to pass as 
>"journalists" and/or experts, the spread of wrong information and 
>complete lack of common sense is widening exponentially.

You know what, Jorge?

You seem to have a clear style, competence, decided expression, 
technical and practical experience of the internet and of its 
governance. Why would you not use them all  to report the truth about 
the way the internet really is, works and should work from RFCs, Best 
Practices and other published documents?

* If the internet is correctly designed and operated, it works along 
the priciple of simplicity (RFC 3439), so you, as an expert, should 
be able to document it for journalists and so called experts in a 
limited number of clear technical pages. I am sure it would really 
help many including Fadi from what you say, and answer Nathalie's 
pending question: "what is the internet?".
* If you meet difficulties at some points, it will be the problems to 
be solved. So, we will get them listed in order to prepare Sao Paulo.

Would that not be great of yours? I would do it myself if I could, 
but I have not your competence and practical vision and the used 
language is not my mother tongue.

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