[discuss] cgi.br release regarding Brazil Global MSM on Internet Governance

Michel Gauthier mg at telepresse.com
Mon Jan 13 15:27:57 UTC 2014

At 14:38 13/01/2014, Louis Pouzin (well) wrote:
>ICANN is an essential cog in the US gov mass surveillance operation. 
>It is supposedly responsible of internet security. It never informed 
>users of NSA's spying instrumentation of internet. Thus, it is 
>untrustworthy by design, and will remain so, whatever gimmicks it 
>resorts to for revamping its face.

Dear Mr. Pouzin,

this directly implies Steve Crocker who in charge for a long time of 
the ICANN security issues. In intelligence gathering the main 
information is who connects who. This information is primarily logged 
in the logs of the root server system. This is why the USCC and ICANN 
managed root server log's are a huge real time information source on 
the status of the world (who need the root servers otherwise?)

It is surprising that Edward Snowden has not reported on this and on 
the probable correlation system between the DNS logs and diverse 
types of events. Google does it as well.

Could the switch from ISOC + I*technical/academic coalition to /1NET 
ICANN as meeting leader, it may mean a dicrease of the IAB importance 
in technology governance (i.e. possible innovation) and an increase 
of ICANN (Crocker [security], Fadi [EDI]) in a new technical 
orientation of the statUS-quo leadership? Less technical, more 
operational. More EDI-secured, i.e. centralized like DNSSEC?

This is interesting as the bricsnet technology could out-perform the 
IETF one in terms of security, services with a lesser focus on DRMs.

>The US gov objective is to make the Brazil meeting a celebration of 
>the statUS quo. Strongly worded speeches devoid of substance will 
>fill the program. Non conformists will not be slated. We will hear 
>wishes galore. Wishes are fairy tales, they only bind those who believe them.

Several voices have called for a CS parallel meeting in Sao Paulo 
(academic/FLOSS community) or a user/developper this summer in 
France? You are quoted as one of the possible hosts with Vint Cerf 
(cf. http://www.forumatena.org/?q=node/244)

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