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Seun Ojedeji seun.ojedeji at gmail.com
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On Wed, Jan 15, 2014 at 1:08 PM, Nick Ashton-Hart <nashton at ccianet.org>wrote:

> We disagree. It is easy enough to prohibit people from doing this, and if
> they do it anyway, unsubscribe them.
I presume the "we" is you, i wonder how realistic it is to prohibit one
from sending a mail from his/her box to whoever he wants. I am not talking
about cross posting within 1Net only. I am talking about scenario where
"read-only" users uses the very critical information but yet un-official as
a forward to other list. You may say those information are public anyway,
but there is a difference between receiving an information to actually
referencing a public url.

> Secondly, it isn't hard to set the list to allow anyone to subscribe but
> to set them all automatically to receive-only. So, the admin difficulties
> are zip.

Yes i agree it isn't[1]. In any case, i just think the gap should exist
between the SC and Discuss so the sense of responsibility from SC to
discuss list is maintained.

1. The moderated messages from receive only user can also be discarded by
default with SC members as an exception.

> On 15 Jan 2014, at 12:14, Seun Ojedeji <seun.ojedeji at gmail.com> wrote:
> I think this may also be a good Idea, although it may create more
> administrative responsibility on both sides; the read only users who are
> already complaining about the heavy traffic on discuss at 1net.org and the
> list moderators who will now have to manage subscription requests and
> posting bounces. Also it may not ensure proper coordination as most of the
> read only users may start cross posting the communications of SC
> un-officially. In the long run, i did say there are more cons than pros on
> this item


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