[discuss] BR meeting site launched

Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Wed Jan 15 14:00:58 UTC 2014

> The website has just changed - I'm not sure exactly when, but Google cache is still showing the old version -

> and the new version now claims that "The meeting is a partnership between CGI.br and /1net."
> Under whose authority was this change made?  Why was it not even discussed on the 1net list?

Same question to you as to Parminder: where have you been? The Brazil meeting has ALWAYS been an initiative that arose out of an agreement between the President of Brazil and the President of ICANN. ICANN and the signatories of the Montevideo Statement then attempted to broaden their engagement with the nonstate actors by forming 1net, and the Brazilian govt delegated most of the work to CGI, because they are actually capable of doing it.

I am not so much disagreeing with your point as I am puzzled by the irrelevance of your question.

Please explain to me what purpose you think you are serving by trying to provoke a wrangle over the "authority" for such things? Do you really want every word on the web site to be based on a negotiated consensus, or are your tring to make some more important point that is not evident in your message?

In the absence of universally applicable institutionalized mechanisms for representation, all "authority" in this space is self-initiated and based voluntary associated and networked relations. It's kind a like the Internet. Deal with it.

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