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>I think this may be the document you're referencing.

[ICANN _ Archives _ President's Strategy Committee.pdf]

No, I've never seen that before.

It's more of a discussion on one small aspect (legal immunity) than the
wider exploration of things like employee contracts, tax and benefits -
which was why I mentioned it in the first place.

But now we have that document on the table, I was intrigued by para 5
(which seems to sum up quite a bit of the disbelief held by ordinary

        5. For the record it is also important for me to state that
        already in my initial contacts with Mr Twomey I mentioned my
        first reaction (at the time when I was the Legal Counsel of the
        United Nations) to the question of governance of the Internet.

        I was actually quite taken aback that States did not join hands
        to govern the Internet as they had done in the past every time a
        major system for communications had been invented (post,
        telegraph, telephone, communications by road, rail, sea, air,

Roland Perry

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