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Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Wed Jan 15 18:56:52 UTC 2014

>I'm offering you my personal views:

-          Steering Committee (SC) was selected for 1Net, not for Brazil meeting (Brazil meeting has its own committees).

In my opinion, you are mistaken in two ways. 1)  1net coordinating committee _was_ selected as the channel for the non-state stakeholder groups to prepare for the Brazil meeting; 2) Brazil meeting does _not_ yet have its own committees or any way to form them; they have yet to be formed, and to do so 1net cc must do its job and start to help form them. If it refuses, the Brazil meeting will not have fully constituted committees, or the delays will cripple it.

My view of this is supported by every single published statement that has come out about the relationship between the Brazil meeting and the 1net entity, including news releases, public statements by both ICANN's President and the Brazilian LOG, and tons of email traffic. Your view is supported only by looking at the home page of 1net in isolation and ignoring all other context. There is no serious basis for debate here.

-          Principally, I don't support that anyone, including Brazil organising committees, decides on roles and responsibilities of 1Net, without consultations with 1Net SC that has been selected for such purpose (even though not constituted fully yet) and SC with 1Net community. If we allow that, what is the purpose and legitimacy of 1Net then?

Then perhaps you should resign. Your question makes no sense to me. The Brazil organizers need help in forming these committees. They are working their asses off on a variety of fronts. They also (correctly) do not believe that they have the legitimate right to make selections among the various stakeholder groups. So they delegated to 1net part of this responsibility, and to governmental committees another part. In turn, 1net set up a representative committee as best they could to execute that task.

By presenting this act of modesty and good procedure as an act of 'dictating' roles and responsibilities to some poor oppressed group of people, you indicate to me that you are fundamentally out of sync with what is going on. And you are wasting valuable time. And note that you cannot speak for the 1net cc as a whole, most of civil society does not even agree with you, as reflected on the list so far.

Please tell me what broader social good in the IG context is upheld by you insisting on a de novo negotation about what 1net is and what you are doing? There will be a Brazil meeting. It needs to have people appointed to its organizing commitees quickly. 1net was accepted by most participants as the vehicle for managing those appointments. If you continue to prevent it from doing that, you are in my opinion damaging the success of the meeting and not acting in the interests of the people you are supposed to be representing.

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