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> The report was done by the noted international jurist Hans Corell (homepage here) and the report itself can be found here  It has stood the tests of time quite well IMHO and is well worth revisiting.

The work done by Hans Corell was the first step of several done later by ICANN legal, looking at various jurisdictions, as part of the PSC's work on Improving Institutional confidence.
Attached as Appendix 2 to the February 09 report of the PSC is a memo from John Jeffrey, summarising that work. That report is here:


More of the work on Improving Institutional Confidence can be seen at ( http://archive.icann.org/en/jpa/iic/)

A lot of work was also done by groups within ICANN and also from outside - reference can usefully be made to the ICANN public comments pages to capture a lot of that thinking, for example at:


A further report -  "Improving Institutional Confidence - The Way Forward" was published just before the ICANN Sydney meeting in June 2009:


Thereafter, the work of improving ICANN was taken up by the Affirmation of Commitment review process, beginning with the ATRT1 review. The recommendations emerging from that review incorporated many of the elements that surfaced in the IIC consultations and reports, but did not address the major structural changes recommended by the PSC including an amendment to the bylaws allowing for recall of board members, nor that relating to a new approach to Independent Review.



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>> This study was one of ICANN CEO Twomey's Presidential "strategy panels". Is there a link to that report? 
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>>> Will secure factual advice on the legal status of ICANN offices outside 
>>> of US.  In Brussels, for example, staff are on Belgium contracts
>> iirc About 5-6 years ago ICANN did a study (which must have been public otherwise I wouldn't have heard about it) of where it might place an overseas HQ, if not in the USA.
>> They looked at various criteria including the "employee friendliness" of local labour and tax laws, and the tax and legal provisions for a not-for-profit corporation.
>> As well as things like good local provision of healthcare, schooling and housing, being "Visa friendly" for the mobility of staff and visitors, good international transport connections, and having a "safe and secure" 
>> atmosphere.
>> As far as I know the shortlist they came up with was: Brussels, Geneva and London, with maybe Amsterdam as a runner-up; but soon afterwards the whole thing was quietly dropped.
>> {This was a separate exercise from the existing Brussels satellite office}
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