[discuss] Community Informatics Nomination for the Civil Society Stakeholder Group for the 1Net Steering Committee

Adiel Akplogan adiel at afrinic.net
Wed Jan 15 21:26:42 UTC 2014

Hello Michael,

On 2014-01-15, at 08:59 AM, michael gurstein <gurstein at gmail.com> wrote:
> I am resending this as I have not yet received a reply.

Sorry I have been offline since yesterday.

> Since it is my understanding that your and 1net’s role is not a substantive or “editorial” one the absence of an indication of how you will comply with these requests/nominations is most surprising.

The lack of reaction was not intentional. Sorry for that.

> I have the honour of submitting the report of the Community Informatics Network’s NomCom process and the Community Informatics community’s nominations for appointment to the 1net Steering Committee as representatives of the civil society stakeholder group --Michael Gurstein (Canada). My biography and qualifications for such a status will be provided to you on request.

Thank you for sharing this nomination with the lis, but this sound a bit strange to me on two accounts:

1 - The deadline for appointing representatives is past and the only derogation request I have received was from the Technical community as they are still running their selection process.

2 - I have mentioned several time on this list that I do not want to get involve with stakeholder process details (I just can't and do not have that prerogative - Of course now that the SC is crated this may be reconsidered by the group). What I needed was each stakeholder to organise themselves (if they need to fight and argue among themselves they do it, preferably even not on this list) to provide 5 names for the steering committee. The nominations are transparently shared on this list so if anyone feel left out I will suggest him to take it up with/within his stakeholder group. We have seen how GigaNEt has reacted quickly to some concern raised on the list and to adjust their nominations accordingly. If you disagree with  CS nominations I will sincerely and respectfully request that you take the matter up with them directly. With all my good will I can not do more at this point. The reps from CS were shared on the list and have formally join the SC.  


- a.

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