[discuss] 1Net, Brazil and other RE: BR meeting site launched

Norbert Bollow nb at bollow.ch
Wed Jan 15 22:45:36 UTC 2014

Ian Peter <ian.peter at ianpeter.com> wrote:

> Here’s the sequence of events as I understand them:
> 1. Snowden revelations
> 2. Montevideo statement, prompted at least partially by Snowden
> revelations (pwilson, “what is 1net to me”)
> 3. Brazilian reaction to Snowden revelations

As a matter of fact, those events 2 and 3 were the other way round,
and actually it is a very plausible interpretation that the ICANN
board resolution to create what is now known as /1net, and the
Montevideo statement, were prompted at least partially by the Brazilian
reaction to the Snowden revelations, and by the fact that there was
significant interest among other countries in the idea of a diplomatic
conference inspired by Dilma Rousseff's UN speech...

Dilma Rousseff's UN speech was on September 24, in which she said in
reaction to the Snowden revelations:

“The United Nations must play a leading role in the effort to regulate
the conduct of states with regard to these technologies. For this
reason, Brazil will present proposals for the establishment of a
civilian multilateral framework for the governance and use of the
Internet and to ensure the effective protection of data that travels
through the web.”

For the assertion that there was significant interest among other
countries in the idea of a diplomatic conference inspired by Dilma
Rousseff's UN speech, my only source is oral remarks by the Brazilian
government representatives at the meeting with international civil
society representatives, which took place in the context of the Bali

“on 28 September 2013, the ICANN Board authorized the CEO to, among
other things, ‘work with other key organizations and leaders to
establish a coalition towards the formation of a movement or
initiative’ (‘Coalition’), in order to address increasing concerns
regarding the effectiveness of a ‘global, open, multi-stakeholder
Internet governance system.’”

The Montevideo statement is dated October 7, but that may be the date
of the public announcement rather than the date on which the statement
was agreed (as Fadi Chehadé was already in Brazil on October 7.)
The meeting of Fadi Chehadé and Dilma Rousseff took place on October 9.

Just trying to keep the record of these fascinating facts of current
history straight :-)


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