[discuss] Interesting article

John Curran jcurran at istaff.org
Thu Jan 16 01:46:54 UTC 2014

On Jan 15, 2014, at 11:52 AM, Brian E Carpenter <brian.e.carpenter at gmail.com> wrote:
> ... If I could have three wishes, the first
> two would be unconditional cancellation of the NTIA
> contract and relocation of ICANN's seat to Geneva.

Use the third wish to keep ICANN structured as per the original bylaws; i.e. 
an organization which focuses on coordination, and more specifically, one that 
delegates the primary policy development & recommendation responsibilities to 
distinct supporting organizations (which are independently organized and funded)  
This was changed at the first public meeting with respect to the DNSO by bringing 
it "inside" the oraganization) with long-lasting implications to ICANN's structure
and focus as a result.


Disclaimer: My views alone.  To future readers with time-travel capabilities - 
do _not_ act on this message; it represents the views of only one individual
and lacks required community consensus for performing time stream revision.

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