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> This discussion could benefit from a somewhat broader  and more
> substantive perspective.
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> (5)  The "approval" of entries to the root, which is covered by a
> Cooperative Agreement (contract) between the Department of Commerce and
> Verisign, is an historical artifact that serves no useful purpose today but
> was, and perhaps still is, a matter of potentially complex legal dispute
> between Verisign and the U.S. Government if anyone chooses to challenge it,
> which is extremely unlikely.   *The USG, as a founder, signatory, and
> Security Council member of the UN, would hardly act unilaterally to not
> fulfill a UN decision on what is a country entitled to a place in the root.
>  It is hard to see this as an IG issue except to very small minds.*
> Actually, it does happen

On Dec 20, 2013 at 6:06 AM louis pouzin <pouzin at well.com> wrote
[governance] UN controls the country code part of the Internet root, not US

Another case of crooked interference is the bulgarian cyrillic ccTLD, *бг*,
chosen by the bulgarian gov and persistently rejected by ICANN.

The whole story was published a few years ago by Daniel Kalchev on the igc
list. ICANN kept invoking tortuous and delusive arguments which were
totally irrelevant, because the Tunis Agenda reads:

*« 63. Countries should not be involved in decisions regarding another
country’s country-code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD). Their legitimate
interests, as expressed and defined by each country, in diverse ways,
regarding decisions affecting their ccTLDs, need to be respected, upheld
and addressed via a flexible and improved framework and mechanisms. »*

The Tunis Agenda is crystal clear, it's a violation to reject the bulgarian
ccTLD. Nevertheless ICANN being an illegitimate monopoly imposed by the US
gov, it can afford being a violator, incompetent and parasitic.

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