[discuss] [bestbits] Representative Multistakeholder model validity (was: Re: Selection RE: 1Net, Brazil and other RE: BR meeting site launched)

'Andrew Sullivan' ajs at anvilwalrusden.com
Sun Jan 19 03:43:13 UTC 2014

On Sat, Jan 18, 2014 at 03:31:04PM -0800, michael gurstein wrote:
> Hmmm.. but isn't "workiness" like "truthiness" in the eyes of the beholder...

Indeed.  Hence the "tussle"

> we ensure a suitable degree of validity, equity, fairness, respect
> for diversity, etc. in those criteria and those assessments.

Surely those are all just as rooted in perspective as truthiness or
workiness?  It's tussle all the way down, I'm afraid.

> It may be relatively easy to determine if a machine is working or
> not (you turn it on and it goes buzz or whatever), but the same
> doesn't and can't hold for a system of governance.

I'm not sure the machine case is as simple as you suggest (consider a
car with the check engine light on, or this network connection that
happens to be using NAT); but anyway, I return to the principles I
outlined at the beginning of January.  The goal of 1net is "to provide
a forum in which the interplay of various institutional relationships
may happen."  Since even this current conversation is an example of
that interplay, I argue that until we see evidence to the contrary
this current system is working well enough for our purposes.

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