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As a follow-up to my response to Adam re: the interests of the Community Informatics community, I draw your attention to the just published issue of the Journal of Community Informatics as below... 

And no, there are no discussions of "root zones", "IPv6", IAB, ICANN or even "enhanced cooperation" etc. etc. Just discussions/research of interest to those on the Internet margins (and others)--in Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, rural USA, urban Sweden, Brazilian activists, Australian aboriginal story tellers and concerning issues of the Digital Divide, building social and human capital via the Internet, citizenship in an Internet era, ICTs and ageing, ICTs and youth.

Are those subjects for discussion (or perhaps better, subjects appropriate to "be bridged") into a meeting on "the Future of Internet Governance" and are the voices being reflected in those papers saying things useful to be heard at this meeting... I leave it to you folks and perhaps better to the wider audience of global Internet users and non-users to decide.

And quite honestly I'm getting tired of this discussion as I'm sure you folks are getting tired of my interventions.  As I'm still waiting for an "official" or even any response from 1net I'll be turning my attention to other things.  

If there is no response and the illegitimate and exclusionary processes are allowed to continue and the self-appointed and self-annointed are empowered to exclusively shape the agenda and discussion of this meeting we all will suffer the consequences. These matters and the future of the Internet are too important to be left. A multistakeholderism that denies the opportunity for effective diversity and refuses to accommodate the voices and interests of the marginalized is not multistakeholderism it is tyranny and a fundamental denial of democracy.


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The Journal of Community Informatics has just published its latest issue at http://ci-journal.net/index.php/ciej. We invite you to review the Table of Contents here and then visit our web site to review articles and items of interest.

Thanks for the continuing interest in our work, 

Michael Gurstein, Ph.D.
Editor in Chief: Journal of Community Informatics, Vancouver CANADA Phone 604-602-0624 gurstein at gmail.com

The Journal of Community Informatics
Vol 10, No 1 (2014)
Table of Contents

Beyond Access: Libraries are the New Telecentres
	Michael Gurstein

Local e-Government in Sweden - Municipal Contact Center implementation with focus on Citizens and Public Administrators
	Irene Cecilia Bernhard

Bridging the Digital Divide in Dunn County, Wisconsin: A Case Study of NPO use of ICT
	Elizabeth Bogner,	Kevin W. Tharp,	Mary McManus

Community, Group and Individual: A Framework for Designing Community Technologies
	Sheena L. Erete

Shared identity and personal tie in influencing cooperative behavior
	Hao Jiang,	John M. Carroll

Failures and success in using webcasts, discussion forums, Twitter, and email to engage older people and other stakeholders in rural ageing
	Ray B Jones,	Janet Smithson,	Catherine Hennessy

Exploring the Formation of Social Capital in a Malaysia Virtual Community
	Dr. Shafiz Affendi Mohd Yusof,	Kamarul Faizal Hashim

Emergent digital activism: The generational/technological connection
	Fernando Adolfo Mora

Drive-by Wi-Fi and digital storytelling: development and co-creation
	Jo Tacchi,	Kathi R Kitner,	Kiran Mulenahalli

How Does Internet Usage Influence On Social Capital, Connectedness, Success And Well-Being Of Grassroots Level Inventors In Sri Lanka?
	Chaminda Nalaka Wickramasinghe,	Nobaya Ahmad

Internet Access At Public Access Venues In A Developing Countries: Lessons from Yogyakarta, Indonesia
	Stevanus Wisnu Wijaya,	Agnes Maria Polina

Changing youths role in development through ICT enterprise and investment
	Michael D Williams

Research Methods: Information, systems and contexts
	Martin Wolske

Case Studies
Engaging Stakeholders: The First Step to Increasing Digital Inclusion Abstract
	Angela Siefer

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