[discuss] [bestbits] Representative Multistakeholder model validity (was: Re: Selection RE: 1Net, Brazil and other RE: BR meeting site launched)

John Curran jcurran at istaff.org
Sun Jan 19 17:05:20 UTC 2014

On Jan 18, 2014, at 11:45 AM, michael gurstein <gurstein at gmail.com> wrote:

> Ah, John
> You obviously haven't been reading your (Thomas) Kuhn or (Paul) Feyerabend or for that matter (Michel) Foucault.

Actually, quite familiar in the Thomas Kuhn case (and disagree with your assertion)
> It is precisely in those areas that you are dismissing as not being of interest--where 1net i.e. "recommends topics to be worked on (whether within 1net or wrt Brazil), decides on content for the web site, and encourages decorum on the mailing list” –  where1Net is firmly and directly exerting (ideological/political) control—in ways that it was these authors’ life’s work to demonstrate and document and critique.
> Kuhn: recommending topics or rather not recommending certain topics: (The Structure of Scientific Revolutions)

Please provide an actual citation from the work supporting your position - Thanks!

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