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> 1. What takes place when root zone changes are made?  What are the
> procedures and what are the checks and balances?  [Can someone supply some
> relevant pointers to text that will help someone understand this?]


> 2. Have there been any controversial or problematic changes to the root
> zone, and if so, how were they handled?  (Note that this is not about IDN
> ccTLD issues, which are not in the province of IANA.)  [Can someone respond
> to this question definitively?]

As far as I know from the IANA/ICANN side the answer is most probably NO.
As far as I remember most of the problems were associated with different
organization/institutions claiming the right to manage the ccTLD delegation.

> 3. The claim has apparently been made that both houses of the US Congress
> (Parliament) have overwhelmingly voted resolutions that direct the US
> government to maintain control over the root. [Can anyone provide
> references or pointers to such legislation, or to any evidence that this
> claim is not correct?]

As far as I remember there has been hearings, statements and requests from
the US Congress to delay the gTLD program, communications from some members
like Patrick Leahy and Lamar Smith, but I don't recall any specific
resolutions besides 323 in 2005 (see below).

Some references are available at:


In 2005 (109th Congress) a proposed resolution (323) was introduced by
Senator Coleman and referred to the Foreign Relations Committee but I don't
remember now the outcome, it had a reference to President Bush's statement
that said:

"Whereas on June 30, 2005, President George W. Bush announced that the
United States intends to maintain its historic role over the master ``root
zone'' file of the Internet, which lists all authorized top-level Internet

Complete congressional record available here:


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