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David Cake dave at difference.com.au
Mon Jan 20 12:10:28 UTC 2014

On 13 Jan 2014, at 9:38 pm, Louis Pouzin (well) <pouzin at well.com> wrote:
> ICANN is an essential cog in the US gov mass surveillance operation. It is supposedly responsible of internet security. It never informed users of NSA's spying instrumentation of internet. Thus, it is untrustworthy by design, and will remain so, whatever gimmicks it resorts to for revamping its face.

	This seems to be simply uninformed conspiracy theory.
	I know the ICANN security functions well (I was part of the Security, Stability and Resiliency review team, chaired by Alejandro Pisanty, that comprehensively reviewed ICANNs performance of those functions). ICANN absolutely is NOT responsible for all Internet security, it is responsible for security of the DNS, but the DNS is not the internet  (and it is absolutely not ICANNs responsibility to secure content carried by other protocols, except in so far as the DNS is part of the security infrastructure). While there are legitimate concerns about privacy and surveillance that are within ICANNs remit, such as increasing demands by law enforcement regarding registrant contact data, ICANNs role being restricted to the DNS means it is simply of very limited relevance to NSA surveillance scandals. 
	There are number of us very concerned about privacy and security issues within the ICANN community (and not just from civil society), but there really are a limited number of ways in which ICANNs role directly relates to NSA surveillance issues. 
> The US gov objective is to make the Brazil meeting a celebration of the statUS quo. Strongly worded speeches devoid of substance will fill the program. Non conformists will not be slated. We will hear wishes galore. Wishes are fairy tales, they only bind those who believe them. 
> If CS wants to be heard, it has to run its own meeting.

	CS only meetings would have value, certainly - but government engagement with multistakeholder decision making is vital, and we aren't going to achieve that with CS only meetings. 

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