[discuss] P1 version 3: Added detail and a request for useful background information

Andrew Sullivan ajs at anvilwalrusden.com
Mon Jan 20 14:53:45 UTC 2014

Dear colleagues,

I thank George, very very much, for this attempt to state precisely
one problem several people have raised as a proper issue for

I have two small suggestions and one comment.

On Sun, Jan 19, 2014 at 11:50:02PM -0500, George Sadowsky wrote:
> 4. A solution is needed that meets several criteria: (1) protection
> of the root zone file from political or other improper interference;

Is this "the file" prior to it being communicated, or is it really
"protection of the contents of the root zone from political or other
improper interference"?  That is, I think the issue is not some file,
but rather the data that is contained in the root zone in the
following dimensions:

    - names that have once been delegated from the root must not be
    removed except as appropriate.

    - delegation data from the root must not be different than that
    intended by the operators of the delegated name

Note that this does _not_ include new delegations, which I think are a
different problem; that may include new ccTLD delegations, so I'm not
confident about how to state this yet.

> (2) integrity, stability, continuity, security and robustness of
> operation

I'd add "of the DNS root service".

> 2. Have there been any controversial or problematic changes to the root zone, and if so, how were they handled?  (Note that this is not about IDN ccTLD issues, which are not in the province of IANA.)  [Can someone respond to this question definitively?]

IDN ccTLD issues in as much as they are delegations out of the root
are just as much the province of IANA as any other delegation from the
root _qua_ entry in the root zone.

Best regards,


Andrew Sullivan
ajs at anvilwalrusden.com

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