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Michel Gauthier mg at telepresse.com
Tue Jan 21 16:38:22 UTC 2014

This annoucement starts telling a lot about Fadi Chehade's strategy. 
It will be interesting to see who are the still missing 11 countries 
and 4 co-chairs in order to understand better Dilma Rousseff's own focus.

I suppose that the "I*coalition" members will applaud or, for the 
most aware, politely stay silent. The choice seems well done in order 
to address the kind of issues as we considered them in 2000. On the 
ICANN side at least one does not expect to improve new things, but to 
make somethings approved.

It seems that "technical" is not taken in the same sense as Brian 
Carpenter, Andrew Sullivan and IUsers do. As if the Snowden episode 
had not made the Congress and IG status-quo leaders understand yet 
that the problem is not that the NSA did its work well, but that the 
technology permitted them to do it so easily.

I suppose JFC Morfin will not wait now for Sao Paulo to confirm his 
incitation and plans toward an open code network entire review and 
practical extension for and by lead users and FLOSS. One do not see 
how could otherwise be:
- supported what Sao Paulo may positively discuss (or introduced 
toward the IoT area)
- and opposed the daily dangers it will not suppress or possibly increase.


At 19:57 20/01/2014, Hartmut Richard Glaser wrote:

>Dear All,
>I am delighted to announce the final composition of the High-Level 
>Multistakeholder Comittee and
>the Executive Multistakeholder Committee related to the Global 
>Multistakeholder Meeting on the
>Future of Internet Governance to be hold in São Paulo/SP, next 
>April,  23 and 24.
>General Chair of the Meeting - Prof. Virgilio Almeida
>and 04 Co-chairs, one from each multistakeholder community (to be announced)
>01.- High-Level Multistakeholder Committee - HLM (26 Members)
>Brasil - Paulo Bernardo Silva, Brazilian Minister of Communications - chair
>                                                       Special 
> Advisor: Flávio Lenz
>and 11 other invited Governments as co-hosts (to be announced)
>and 12 Multistakeholder Community representatives  (3 from each community)
>01.- CS (Civil Society) - Jovan Kurbalija
>02.- CS (Civil Society) - Stephanie Perrin
>03.- CS (Civil Society) - Louis Pouzin
>04.- PS (Private Sector) - Joe Alhadeff
>05.- PS (Private Sector) - Christoph Steck
>06.- PS (Private Sector) - ?????????
>07.- AC (Academia) - Jeanette Hofmann
>08.- AC (Academia) - David Johnson
>09.- AC (Academia) - Derrick Cogburn
>10.- TC (Technical Community) - Kathy Brown
>11.- TC (Technical Community) -Tarek Kamel
>12.- TC (Technical Community) - Mathieu Weill
>and 02 International Organizations to be appointed by United Nations
>13.- United Nations -
>14.- United Nations -
>02.- Executive Multistakeholder Committee - EMC (17 Members)
>08 Brazilian Members appointed by CGI.br
>01.- TC (Technical Community) - Demi Getschko - co-chair (invited by 
>the General-Chair of the Meeting)
>02.- AC (Academia) - Flávio Wagner
>03.- GOV (Government) - Maximiliano Martinhão
>04.- GOV (Government) - Benedicto Fonseca
>05.- CS (Civil Society) - Carlos Afonso
>06.- CS (Civil Society) - Percival Henriques
>07.- PS (Private Sector) - Cassio Vecchiatti
>08.- PS (Private Sector) - Henrique Faulhaber
>and 08 representatives from Global Multistakeholder Community (2 
>from each community)
>09.- TC (Technical Community) - Raul Echeberria - co-chair (invited 
>by the General-Chair of the Meeting)
>10.- TC (Technical Community) - Akinori Maemura
>11.- AC (Academia) - Dongman Lee
>12.- AC (Academia) - Matthias Kettemann
>13.- CS (Civil Society) - Adam Peake
>14.- CS (Civil Society) - Marilia Maciel
>15.- PS (Private Sector) - Zahid Jamil
>16.- PS (Private Sector) - Chip Sharp
>and 01 representative from an International Organization to be 
>appointed by United Nations
>17.- United Nations -
>best regards
>Hartmut Glaser
>Executive Secretary/CGI.br
>Brazilian Internet Steering Committee
>Co-chair Logistic and Organizational Committee
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>discuss at 1net.org
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