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On 21/01/2014 20:51, Shatan, Gregory S. wrote:
> I understand these are facts.  Why are they "issues"?

Isn't it the case in politics that if enough people *say*
something is an issue, then it *is* an issue? I feel that's
what we're dealing with here, unfortunately.


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>>> ...
>>> The USG authorizes changes made to the root zone as well as changes
>>> to the root zone's registration (aka "Whois") database by verifying
>>> ICANN abides by publicly documented policies prior to the changes
>>> being submitted to the Root Zone Maintainer for implementation.
>> This is a very important distinction which requires consideration with
>> respect to the the problem statement.  In particular, there are two
>> distinct issues of direct and unique USG involvement with the DNS root
>> zone: one via the IANA function contract with ICANN and a completely
>> different path via the Root Zone Maintainer process.
>> I would argue that both issues would need to be addressed to satisfy
>> many in the international community, but that does not mean that they
>> are the same problem, only that they are interrelated.  Reinforcing
>> this belief, I can readily envision potential solutions which are only
>> applicable to "US Government involvement in IANA root zone functions"
>> and others which are only applicable to "US Government involvement in
>> DNS root zone maintenance", and hence would recommend bifurcating the
>> problem statement into two and focusing on the IANA root zone aspects
>> first.
> A third, distinct and also interrelated issue is that of the IANA function contractor being subject to US law.
> Greetings,
> Norbert
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