[discuss] international non state institutions (was Re: Problem definition 1, version 5)

Norbert Bollow nb at bollow.ch
Fri Jan 24 09:39:40 UTC 2014

Ben Fuller <ben at fuller.na> wrote:

> It would be useful to look at existing examples of international, non
> state institutions to see how they are governed and by whom, how
> their legal status is defined in the hosting country, their rights
> and powers for operation and so on.


Also, we need to look at what the benefits and drawbacks of these
institutionalization and governance structures are in regard to
- ability of the institutions to fulfill their respective missions
- inclusiveness in regard to perspectives that tend to get marginalized
- legitimacy of the institution, or lack thereof.

Also we need to look at whether the missions of the respective
organizations are structurally similar or dissimilar to those of the
institutions that need to be created or evolved in the Internet
governance context. This will be important for evaluating whether the
lessons that can be learned from looking at those institutions are
relevant to the problems at hand.


> This will give some shape to
> discussions on how to establish a ‘de-nationalised’ institution. 
> For example: In the US there is the United Nations, the World Bank,
> the IMF; in Geneva there is the ILO, World Council of Churches, IGF.
> These might be good places to begin.

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