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Sorry for it took me bit longer than expected to come back to you, following your last email. I was not so interested to go into your last comment, and your great knowledge	of French culture and History.

I think one of the challenges we are all facing now is: TRUST. I do blame the US for getting the level of Trust over IG debate to a minus-zero level, and feel like it is still time to deconstruct a narrative that is now fully out of scope and concern. 

Contrary to the idea of a disjunction and or a subset of ICANN/IANA functions away from the US DoC, I do believe that what is most need is a supreme international body to which stakeholders can turn themselves to in order to have any claim brought to a truly independent body. I am more interested to see how a 'Law of the Internet' can be taken care of by such a body. Detaching the DoC from ICANN is indeed what is of present concern. But refusing to take International law, as the right way to get all national authorities signatures at the bottom of an international treaty, is so unthinkable that I do believe the status-quoers are fully aware of what they are doing to oppose any change. I do not see how any 'Equal Footing' empty principle could ever bring a government to sign such a treaty. You have been refusing this for years. It is no longer a sustainable position. And I do suspect that you know it.

But, as I wrote first, my primary concern is about TRUST. Therefore, I have no other choice than to denounce the multistakeholder fluff and its empty ideas.

That is the sense of my last HuffPost. It has nothing to do with what you characterized as US-phobic view. I have way too many friends in the US, honest, brilliant and so kind, that I can only regret the way Internet Governance and its asymmetric situation have driven you guys out of your mind.

The Asymmetrics, the WEF, ICANN, Brazil, and the 'Little Red Book' of Multistakeholderism


Le 10 janv. 2014 à 23:24, Milton L Mueller a écrit :

> >Or do you feel so badly that the United States Department of Commerce, and other
> >acronyms needed a Professor of your standing to come to their rescue.
> You can ask the Department of Commerce about me coming to their rescue. I am not sure they view me as their savior.  
> If you don’t like the US role, would it not be more constructive to make a specific proposals regarding how to detach the Department of Commerce from ICANN and the IANA contract? (as some of us have been advocating for years). If you don’t do this, would it be fair to conclude that you are more interested in public displays and posturing than in actually making things better?
> Are there any specific reform proposals to be found floating amongst the rhetorical perorations? Try communicating those and see if you get a better reception.
> Some of us do find your neo-DeGaullist Americo-phobic expressions quite entertaining, even riotously comical at times, but we read the list for other purposes.

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