[discuss] [governance] [bestbits] Fwd: Heads up on Brazil meeting preparation

Michel Gauthier mg at telepresse.com
Tue Jan 28 01:09:57 UTC 2014

At 00:42 28/01/2014, John Curran wrote:
>I honestly cannot understand how you can construe the Montevideo 
>Statement as advocacy for the
>status quo, and my inquiries are trying to figure out the logical 
>process that supports that assertion.

let phrase the things differently for you to understand. Most in the 
world do not trust the Internet establishment anymore and this is for 
us a *problem*. You are part of this establishment and you tell us, 
"I either, but we have a solution"..

1. people are suspicious because  they do not trust you as competent 
enough since you people have built and manage the current situation, 
and you do not have implement your solution.
2. but they are ready to frienrly listen to you. And you say nothing. 
You use multiloaded words: globalization, MSism, equal footing, a 
semantic arsenal  If they question you, you respond: "define your 
alternative" They have none: they have you and your solutions as a problem. .

Why not to start with a few information on the /1net site, explaining 
the meaning of the words you use.

>We are not in Brazil; we are on the 1net "governance" list 
>discussing models for improving Internet governance,

Frankly, this list has no other interest than to prepare Sao Paulo 
because it may still more negatively impact the situation. No one  is 
interested in the evolution of a vulnerable internet governance 
before one has decided of the evolution of the internet itself.

>and to my knowledge participation on the list on completely equal 
>footing to all.  If you feel otherwise, I'd ask that you point this 
>out immediately.

Ah ... the "equal footing" is not in governing or in designing the 
internet, it is on discussing them on this list!
Now I understand the qui pro quo.
M G  

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