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Or perhaps you are trying to frame the discussions in the wrong place based on a string of conspiracy theories and issues that do not exist and a set of phobias that do not have much to do with the Internet and it's governance.


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> On Jan 27, 2014, at 11:21 PM, parminder <parminder at itforchange.net> wrote:
>> On Tuesday 28 January 2014 08:19 AM, Jeremy Malcolm wrote:
>>> On 28/01/14 08:42, Seun Ojedeji wrote:
>>> about the meeting
>>> “This meeting will focus on crafting Internet governance principles and proposing a roadmap for the further evolution of the Internet governance ecosystem. The meeting is scheduled for April 23rd and 24th 2014 in Sao Paulo, Brazil and will be live webcast enabling remote participation. The meeting is a partnership between CGI.br and /1net.”
>> *sigh* We keep hearing this, but why?  There is no consensus on this list that the Brazil meeting can or should be a partnership with 1net, and (unless I missed it?) the archives of the steering list indicate that no such decision has been authorised there either.  This statement is really misleading and surely needs to be removed unless or until there is agreement on it within the constituencies of the 1net steering committee representatives.
> Jeremy, you are shouting in the wilderness. No one is listening!  This particular game is lost. You know it. And we, as in civil society, lost it ourselves... There is nothing to be done now.. Other than perhaps, to introspect, what happened, why, and which actors did what.. But then we are the good people of civil society and should not mouth bad words, or suspect conspiracies and so on....
> parminder 

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