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>*sigh* We keep hearing this, but why?  There is no consensus on this list that the Brazil meeting can or should be a partnership with 1net, and (unless I missed it?) the archives of the steering list indicate that no such decision has been authorised there either.
Sigh. We keep hearing this from a few people, but why? It has been clear from the beginning that the whole meeting was based on an alliance between the Brazilian government and ICANN, and that both of them agreed that 1net would handle the nonstate actor side of the process. If 1net is not involved with the Brazil meeting stop the train and let me get off, there is utterly no point to being here if it's not.
> This statement is really misleading and surely needs to be removed unless or until there is agreement on it within the constituencies of the 1net steering committee representatives.
Are you deliberately trying to be obstructionist or does it just appear that way? Your position lacks coherence and relevance. We cannot tell whether you are against having the Brazil meeting at all; whether you want to senselessly detach 1net from the meeting but support having it, if so, who liaises between the meeting organizers and the rest of us; what you think 1net is for, and what it should be doing.
Lead, follow, or get out of the way.
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