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Note it also does not include the Community Informatics Declaration
Empowerment%2C+and+Justice+for+All>  which was, as noted earlier, ratified
as a consensus document in December 2013 and has now garnered numerous
organizational and individual endorsements. It is also now set up to receive
comments and discussion.




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Thank you Nick, 


Please, find attached a work we did over the summer comparing all principles
and statement  


Note that, since it was done over the summer it misses two sets that came
out later in 2013, the Necessary and Proportionate (mostly from civil
society) and http://reformgovernmentsurveillance.com/ (from the business

Let me know if we can be of help.




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Dear all,


On two of the CS lists there's a discussion of how to go about compiling the
principles for the Sao Paulo meeting.


May I suggest that we not reinvent the wheel? Carolina Rossini and
colleagues have already reviewed many of the extant principles and done an
excellent analysis of their common elements and differences. 


This seems a good place to start from rather than a blank sheet of paper.
Carolina, perhaps you might remind everyone of your great work and where it
may be found?


If my proposal is acceptable (or if some other way of working is decided
upon) we should add to the mix the 5 principles several Internet companies
proposed in December, available here:


Regards, Nick


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