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As well as arbitrarily and unilaterally appointing certain specific self-annointed groups as the exclusive sources of stakeholder nominations for “NetMunidal” positions. 


1Net (and whoever is pulling its strings) thus significantly if indirectly influenced the “framing” (whose voices get heard and whose don’t and how) of the content/output of the NetMunidal event itself.




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On 30/01/14 03:34, John Curran wrote:

On Jan 29, 2014, at 2:10 PM, michael gurstein  <mailto:gurstein at gmail.com> <gurstein at gmail.com> wrote:

What this, combined with your words concerning the (relative lack of
substantive) significance of 1net, suggests to me is that in your perception
the Brazil meeting seems now to have become nothing more than a "topical
seminar" of no more significance than a passing debate on the BB or
Governance e-list or a rather compressed and unanchored version of the IGF.
Is this correct?

As stated before, I have no view of the Brazil meeting; I was referring 
solely to the role of 1net as a discussion forum, which is equivalent to 
any other topical seminar in terms of its legitimacy in that role.

Although I have received pressure (even by a civil society colleague) to drop this issue for my own good, it seems to me that 1net stands on an untenable footing until it has cleared up the disconnect between its framing as just a "discussion forum" or "topical seminar", with its actions as a "movement", including those purportedly taken on its behalf in relation to the Brazil meeting and the website without the endorsement of the list or a resolution of the steering committee.

Is 1net really of and for its participants, or is it still being controlled by the same technical community representatives (presumably Adiel) who negotiated the addition of 1net's name and logo to the Brazil website, and its role in the meeting?  Even if that is water under the bridge now, what if other actions are taken in 1net's name in future?  Might we soon see 1net endorsing other initiatives or issuing statements out of the blue?

These concerns can't just be dismissed as unimportant.  It is a simple matter of internal governance that needs to be clarified one way or the other.


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