[discuss] Benefits of Internet governance discourses (was Re: Boundaries and sovereignty)

Norbert Bollow nb at bollow.ch
Fri Jan 31 12:12:19 UTC 2014

Andres Piazza <andres at lacnic.net> wrote:

> El 1/31/14 10:00 AM, Carolina escribió:
> > In one of the most respected International Relations course in
> > Brazil students spend 1 semester discussing if Brazil is or not
> > part of Latin America :-)
> >
> And which is the outcome of the discussion? is it? :)

Surely the chief outcome of that discussion was the process itself,
and what was learned through participation in the process.

By contrast, I'd very much like Internet governance discourses to
achieve practical benefits, such as true empowerment of all
stakeholders? I.e. including in particular “ordinary people” in
developing countries, and including in regard to the practical
experience of the human right to development and the human right to
democratic self-determination. (With “ordinary people” I mean everyone
who is not part of the new transnational elite class, nor otherwise
funded from abroad, nor otherwise rich... of course members of the
elites have the same human rights as everyone else, but they generally
don't need help from governance processes in order to be able to enjoy
their human rights).


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