[discuss] Some more legal tangles for ICANN

Michel S. Gauthier mg at telepresse.com
Tue Jul 1 23:30:30 UTC 2014

At 07:34 01/07/2014, parminder wrote:
>I think we would like to leave global governance of the Internet 
>neither at the mercy of the US law, nor of some kinds of 
>shenanigans. That is the point.

This sounds prettily what fsp4net is about ?

Their POV is that the digitality's global governance is agoric (i.e. 
polylectic: everyone mutually contributes to the common emergence). 
AFAIK their difference with the NTIA is that the NTIA thinks that 
this common emergence must be ported by a structured MS community 
process, and JFC promotes a polycratic multitude's self-organization.

 From what I gather the NTIA/ICANN system is cybernetic, i.e. 
self-regulated. The JFC proposition is agoric i.e. self-organized. 
Experience (running code) will tell who is right through a 
"catastrophe". In the cybernetic system a catastrophe is the end of 
the local day, in an agoric system (living mode) it only is a 
singularity which is self-patched by the global system.

I know these concepts sound quite esotheric :-), but this is the core 
of the current scientific, economic, political, etc. "locality issue" 
(EPR paradox, Quantum Mechanics, Einstein Relativity) that Vint Cerf 
has brillantly multidisciplinary extended in its 1978 Internet 
founding paper (IEN 48):
"One motivation for this objective is to permit the internal 
technology of a data network to be optimized for local operation but 
also permit these locally optimized nets to be readily interconnected 
into an organized catenet.  The term "local" is used in a loose 
sense, here, since it means "peculiar to the particular network" 
rather than "a network of limited geographic extent."
However, the TCP/IP protocol set is based upon the Louis Pouzin's 
datagram, similar to the Einstein's e=mc2 and cosmological constant 
(TCP is here to correct the non-locality multi-path delay, error and 
some other entropic issues. One of these problem is the US entropic 
legal harasment. We all know that the DNS nicely handles that 
particular issue in spite of the State US lie about it. Many try to 
patriotically and commercially support it. Parminder, do you support 
what Louis Pouzin stated: that all this will support the alternative 
roots concepts (I prefer to speak of homeroot).

Mal nommer les choses, c'est contribuer au malheur du monde "
(Albert Camus). 
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