[discuss] [research help] to folks from technical community and private sector who engaged on NetMundial

Joana Varon joana at varonferraz.com
Thu Jul 10 04:14:45 UTC 2014

Dear all,

I'm writing a paper on the process of NetMundial, describing it and
analyzing the results, lessons learned and way forward.

In the descriptive part I am mentioning the formation of the different
committees. But, as the organization of NetMundial had asked
representatives from each stakeholder group to come up with names by
themselves, and I was only observing civil society and academia, I need
your help.

So,  for the sake of science :) , could people from technical community and
private sector enlighten me with answers the short simple questions below?

1- How did your stakeholder group has selected their representatives for
EMC and HLC?
2 - Did you set a process?
3 - Was there any criteria for eligibility?
4 - Has there voting?
5 -Who could vote?

I just want to describe the processes. I hope it is not a major complete
total tabu. If the goal is to improve multistakeholder model, previous
experiences can always help us.

Please, feel free with individual answers or to suggest other channel of

Thank you very much for you attention.

Kind regards



Joana Varon Ferraz
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