[discuss] Greetings from a new convener !

Edmon Chung edmon at registry.asia
Fri Jul 25 08:22:38 UTC 2014

Much support and applause for Paul taking this up and further it.

Perhaps we can start thinking about NETmundial 2 ...?... While it should not
be the only end goal, I find the previous exercise fruitful especially in
the sense of driving active participation towards something somewhat


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> Dear Colleagues,
> In case you don't know me, I'm Paul Wilson, the head of APNIC, the
> Internet address Registry for Asia pacific (www.apnic.net).
> For the past month or so I've been in discussions with the 1net steering
> committee, and ICANN, about how I could support 1net further. Since
playing a
> role in the "Montevideo Statement" last year, I've seen 1net as as
> response to our call to "catalyse community action" on Internet
> I've seen 1net grow and prove itself successful, with impressive
participation and
> some very active discussions.  But I've also seen a lull following
> and I do feel personally motivated to participate and help 1net to
maintain its
> momentum.
> During the latest ICANN meeting (in London), there were discussions among
> SteerCom members, followed by these decisions:
> - The Steering Committee would be renamed as the "Coordination Committee"
> (CoCom for short) to better reflect a role not to direct 1net, but to
support and
> facilitate it.
> - I would be accepted as a voluntary "convener" of 1net, taking on the
role played
> by Adiel Akplogan until recently.
> - APNIC would take on the hosting/administration of the 1net platform (and
> small costs involved).
> My own vision for 1net is as an inclusive, neutral, global,
> platform, for discussing Internet governance and cooperation issues,
> where more suitable forums do not exist.  I believe it should be a
democratic, self-
> organising, bottom-up space that serves a needed purpose; and it should
> continue while that purpose remains.  For now it is not and should not be
> "organisation" in any form, and so it should remain until the 1net
> determines otherwise.
> My next hope is that the 1net community, with support of the CoCom, will
start to
> steer 1net in a useful direction, both in terms of the content of
discussions and
> the ongoing development of the platform.  With your active participation I
am sure
> that 1net can prove and maintain itself as a valid and useful space.
> I should mention that I am a member of the IGF MAG and 1net is not
intended by
> anyone to supplant the IGF in any way;  rather it is a platform that can
> and strengthen IGF, as one of its stated aims.  That of course is to be
agreed with
> others, and proven in time, but it is my personal hope.
> I will leave it there, but hope to see some discussion here about these
> and related matters.  I know that there are other issues about the
functioning of
> 1net, and hope that these can now be discussed too, along with discussions
> about the real business of 1net, Internet Governance.
> Thanks to you all, for your support of 1net so far, and in future.
> All the best
> Paul.
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