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>What is NTIA? jean-françois (JFC) spoke about.
>Responding to Michel S. Gauthier and making reference to JFC....interesting!


It seems that you have not understood yet what we mean by "jokey". 
So, I will explain you better. It is a lead writer mail agent 
software copy on a directory shared by the members of a community 
working group. So anyone can freely contribute to the mails drafts 
and send them as they see fit.

The origin of the name is that we initially niknamed that kind of use 
as "smurf village". We got several smurf villages on a compuserve 
list and the "Jokey Smurf" people were the best.  So "information 
Jokey" was used rather than "information smurf" when we created the 
Telepresse concept ("smurf" is  a protected name and at that time TM 
were leading ICANN). We have considered making it a social network 
program with added features. At the begining we used the same 
computer, so theyr were class and office teams. Then a common 
repository. We never transposed to Google, but many google boxes work that way.

Jokeys shown to be a good example of working VGNs. Another example 
are BoDs. Or, more prestigious Bourbaki.

The problem with me is that I am not good at "jokey smurfing" since I 
often introduce new concepts other jokeymates do not share yet and 
tend to correct. But after internal debate/tuning they may accept 
some which are better worked out. This is the way we discovered 
jokeys usually result in very distinct digital "polypersona" who ever 

spoke person for fsp4net.

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